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About Us

The Story of Leafy Love Herbal Tea Blends

Leafy Love herbal tea is based in Los Angeles, CA.  Since 2015, we  have been specializing in handcrafting loose leaf tea blends. We LOVE handcrafting tea blends that support our customers’ needs and palates. Not only our blends taste AMAZING, they also nourish our bodies; each tea blend is designed to provide different benefits while nourishing the body with antioxidants.

It all began when our CEO embarked on her travel adventures. She visited over 25 countries. Amidst the differences in culture, language, food, architecture, etc., she found one thing in common: the LOVE for tea. As she traveled around the world, she was fascinated by the different colors, flavors, shapes, smells, and textures of herbal tea. Soon after, she was inspired to start her own line of tea and fuse pieces of each country into her blends.